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It has begun...
The new season of Enterprise has started - they've taken the opening titles and made the music even more crap (hard to imagine, but it's true), but the episode itself wasn't so bad... 'twas all good fun, and it marks the beginning of the new TV season... Friends, Frasier, Will & Grace, Scrubs, South Park, etc. Mmm, downloads...

Work again today - more phones and stuff, fun... It's nice to have to think on my feet, and call up the relevant information on the screen and stuff. Mmm, pressure :o)

Yesterday's focus group went really well, though oddly I think I spoke out more than anybody else, asking questions and suggesting stuff... Oh well, that's why I was picked for it I guess, but still, it's nice to remind myself every now and again that I actually have quite a bit of confidence at times :o)

Frisbee last night - I ache a little, but I'm quite pleased with how I played, it all went well... And I'm really looking forward to the show games we're going to be putting on at the Freshers Festival (which reminds me, must book that day off soon)...

Anyway, happy September 11th everybody, I hope the media doesn't push you over the edge - go Sweden for upstaging the whole thing..... ;o)

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Hey, I just saw your website and it made my day, I love you forever, all that jazz. Can I add you?

- Lani -

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