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With my finger on the pulse of the corpse of freedom
Can't wait until Thursday. I'm in the mood to say inappropriate and insensitive things, just because it's been two fucking years and Bush is still hell bent on his little crusade.

In case anybody is interested...

I'm listening to Christmas At Lark Rise - I liberated it from my house. It's an old tape of Christmas Carols with a Christmas story built in, that we've had since sometime around 1984... Ah, memories. I'm sitting in my room listening to Christmas Carols right now, I love them :o)

Last week, I averaged about 120% efficiency at work, so as of tomorrow, they're training me on the phones. Then Wednesday I have a meeting and then a focus group.

I currently have a pad, and it has some numbers on it. Specifically, it has my current balance, the money that's coming out of the account before I next get paid, and therefore my effective balance at the bottom. Right now I'm working on a weekly basis, but once I've done it for a while and have enough money to switch over, I'll work it out monthly. Just need enough of a float above my overdraft limit that I can transfer a month's food money out at once, really...

Angels from the realms of glory... I love this song...

So, the weekend... Well, on Friday night, I went out to the pub with the guys from work for Matt and Mike's birthdays. I sort of got Gemma drunk (not my fault, she drank a bottle of white wine, I only got the shots in afterwards)... Anyway, it was good to see everyone outside of work, but Gemma got a bit ill, so I took her back to mine... we stayed up for a bit, I played some guitar, we watched some Scrubs, then she crashed on the couch downstairs. Suffice it to say, I haven't stopped taking the piss out of her since... As Roof would say, Boofty Shiteweight ;o)

Then on Saturday, I went to dinner with my whole family. My siblings, parents, grandparents, uncles Roger, Ste and David, aunties Sue and Michelle (sort of), cousins Catherine and Emma, and great aunt Dorothy. It was Uncle Dave's 50th birthday meal, and it was nice for everybody to be there, even if my cousin Catherine is.. well.. she's pretty much a demon child. No offence to her or anything, I'm sure she's nice, but she's also evil. And not in the cool way. Emma was pleasant enough though... Anyhow, I ate lots - I had a beef steak, with chicken mousse and peppercorn sauce, and it was awesome :o)

Oh come ye, oh come ye to Bethlehem... Come and behold him, born the king of angels...

If I had to pick an off-the-shelf religion, it'd have to be Christianity, just for the songs. I think I'd go CofE, just because it's looking increasingly interesting with this whole schism business...

Then on Sunday, I went up to Birmingham to grab me an Erika... Then I brought her back to meet my parents, which went well. We spent some time in my room generally making my brother scared of what we might be getting up to, then went for a walk. We met some horses, and I went into the field to see them, and they were lovely and I patted them, yup... Then we went down to this stream I used to go to when I was little, though it's a bit crap now. Then we got stalked and spied on by a helicopter, which was less fun. But what we were doing at the time was good ;o)

Anyhow, eventually, Eri had to go home, and so did I, and here I am, back in Brighton, generally disgusted with the state of the world, and wondering how exactly I can sort out George Bush without hurting any innocent civilians... ;o)

Tomorrow will invariably be another day :o)

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wondering how exactly I can sort out George Bush without hurting any innocent civilians...

They're only Americans... I wouldn't be concerned.

Then again, I'm not overly bothered about the mass killing of children, so perhaps taking my advice on this matter isn't such a good idea.

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