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Sweet Lord...
I try not to give in to the evil that is "being a lad"... But having just watched The Faculty, I have but one thing to say.

Clea DuVall is f*ing hot!

The girl who now addorns my desktop background and my Winamp skin has really come a long way since the good old days, when she was in Buffy The Vampire Slayer as Marcy, the invisible chick... I mean look:

Oh... My... God... Just randomly, she looks a lot like Laura, Vicky's 4th year friend... Only hotter. Much hotter. The chick rocks, seriously... Among her favourite bands are The Pixies, who are, like, totally cool. And (this stuff picked off a random fan site):
  • Favorite Place to visit: New York City
  • Favorite TV Show: The Simpsons
  • Favorite Scary Movie: The Shining
  • Favorite Time of The Day: When you stay up all night long, and the sun comes up

Well bugger me backwards if those aren't the exact answers I'd give...

Anyhow, having gotten that particular bout of testosterone safely transferred to another medium than my brain (i.e. my journal), I can go back to peaceful living :o)

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That's a rather sad method of testosterone transferral, but to each their own.

*looks at the picture again*

I suddenly feel depressed. %-)

I don't like to think about what the alternatives are. Or, rather, don't like to say ;o)

And depressed? What do you have to feel depressed about?

Mimes Left Hand - Deb
Mimes Right Hand - Clea
Mimes throwing contents of right hand away, and hugs left hand

See? :o)

Oh, aren't you wonderful. *HUG*

You're full of it, sweetie, but your timing is impeccable, bless you. :-) *extra hug*

You call her fucking hot? I'd say my Jen looks better than she does (and no, not because Jen might see this -- I honestly think she looks better).


Am I not right?

Pictures don't lie. Okay, so they do a lot. But these don't.

No offence, Jen is hot and all, but Clea DuVall is f'ing amazing... There's just this something about her...

I'm not gonna get involved :O)

Actually, bollocks to that.

Everyone has someo celebrity/etc that they think is the world...

Besides, Brittany's muuuuuuuuuuch more nicer than anyone else ;)

Ah. Must just not be that great of a picture; must be like one of those "action" kind of things, like how she carries herself or something?

Okay... I'll let you keep your fantasy... ;o)

Yeah, you have to see her. Watch "The Faculty" on a 28" widescreen TV on DVD, and then tell me that she's not the most gorgeous person in the universe :o)

I certainly have to agree with you their...
That one picture makes me want to watch the faculty.


you damn right she's hot, but.....

did you know that she's a lesbian. Yes, yes it is true. :)

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