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Manchester Saturday
Nottingham Sunday
Home now
Work soon
More later

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(Deleted comment)
Ooooh, you came back! Wow, I love you!

I should say though... This is a British's man's journal and because you didn't vote for the British Prime Minister, your opinion on anything British is totally invalid.

Isn't that the logic you were using when you said:
"...why even discuss an American subject. You don't live here, so why should your opinion count? Oh wait, it doesn't. You don't vote for the president nor do you vote for anyone who represents anything in the US government."?

P.S. If you hate unknownj *so* much... why do you continue to use his livejournal style for your journal? :)

(Deleted comment)
And you weren't not addressed in this at all.
"..weren't not.." you say? I knew you wanted me to be involved really :) I also find this slightly disturbing obsession, that you seem to have with my boyfriend, rather intriguing.

And if you knew how to use html, your post would look so much better.
If you didn't have such a stupid face, you would look so much better, but let's not get personal now :)

(Deleted comment)
Don't bring your poor boyfriend into this, I'm sure he suffers enough.
Please, do tell me though, if you don't care what I think, why do you keep coming back? Strange girl.

(Deleted comment)
Now come on, surely you're more likely to end up in a place that, out of the two of us, only you believe in :)

When I get there, I'll be sure to rape your mother in the ass while my buddy Satan fucks her eye-socket...

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