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Neighbours Poll!
(sickness and wrongness brought to you, in part, by Eri)

1) Character you fancied the most: Summer
2) Character you hated the most: Fat Priest Rosie
3) Storyline that made you cry the most: When Julie Martin died, because I missed her
4) Most unbelievable storyline: Nina being praised for her voice
5) Favourite Neighbours couple: Drew and Summer - it could still happen!
6) Favourite Neighbours death: Dee
7) The best Neighbours kiss: Susan and Brett
8) Robinsons or Ramseys? I've never tasted Ramsey's Fruit and Barley...
9) Kylie or Jason? Jason, for the music
10) Lou or Harold? Lou's got the body, but I bet Harold's got the moves...
11) Joe or Karl? My fantasies typically involve both of them

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Julie Martin scared me. I don't know why.

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