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Bollocks to That!
ME wouldn't install, so you're stuck with me for a little while longer :o)

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But why wouldn't ME install? It went painlessly for me and I freak out over the tiniest little bump along the upgrading road ... ;-)

Unfortunately, it's not an upgrade CD I have, just a normal "install ME" CD... Sucks :o(

Poo. I did a clean install from the upgrade CD onto a formatted drive ... what a shame for you!

mm I full installed from an upgrade disk (asks for an old Windows CD in the install to "prove" eligablitiy) did you buy ME? if so gah you should have got the upgrade, if you didn't there is a way to upgrade, I forget exactly, something to do with dropping to dos, renaming a file (thus crippleing windows I think, but..) then you can upgrade, read about online.

(Deleted comment)
Sod the WinME, get Win2k!

yeah and not be able to run half your software properly....

any software that wasn't developed for win2k in mind seems to have problems (GTA2 is just the first example, which needed patching, just because I'm reading AGGTA at the moment, I've heard of many others).

Maybe it's just me, but...

Between Windows 9x and Windows 2000, it's a big jump. Windows 2000 uses NT codes, but works well with other software. A patch was made to most applications to ensure that a software works under Win2k.

So, downloading a patch to get the software to work is fine & normal.

I admit that most games was not designed for win2k/NT, which is why I have Win98 here in dual boot, so I could play games.

So, what I'm trying to say is... what's the problem with downloading a patch to have it to work with Win2k, which are very stable than Win 9x ?

Anyway, I'll stop... :)

not every app has a patch. Simple as that :oP

Ahh... this seems like an interesting conversation to butt in to...

In much the same way as the bigotted old man will interrupt pub conversations in real life.

So I will say only this "Windows, bloody waste of money... rah rah Windows 3.1 last good one..."

And then exit stage left.

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