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Hmm, Alina the Weather Girl... ;o)

What the fuck am I on about? Anyway... Work was good - in the first two hours, Mike and I hit our 100% target (we're only expected to get 70% after a fortnight), so we rock. By lunch, we were out of work, so we got to leave ten minutes early. Work is good :o)

I keep burning the inside of my mouth on hot chocolate :o(

Tomorrow, Eri is coming to stay with me for a week, give or take... And I get to have her all to myself, because she's mine :o) I can't wait, it's going to be wonderful :o)

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Make sure you clean all that Rachel smell out of the sheets first...

I've moved rooms, it's all quite alright now :o)

PS, you just missed an easy snipe at Jen, you lose 5 points.

I didn't think I had any points to start with...

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