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Oh my fucking GOD

I asked at work if I could dye my hair pink.

They said yes.

This is the best news I've had in ages!

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They are up to something.

But why would you want to?

Especially considering that you might be going for interviews in a month or so.

You're just jealous because if you do anything to your hair you'll only lose it

My hair looks far better pink, and I miss it lots. So there :oP

Plus, I don't need to go for interviews for ages yet, and that's only if I don't decide to stay in this job for a while...

If you're not careful I'll grow a ponytail.

Oh yes I could!

Failing that I'll just wait for another week or two and have a tattoo of rabbits on my bald head. And we all know why don't we.

Hair color censorship is total crap.

Hmm, white shirt, tie, black shoes, trousers. And pink hair.

That won't look at all incongruous...

Employment is below me, peon.

that's very lucky, my friend works in woolies and wanted to dye his hair company colours but they would've sacked him.x

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