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Eri is a brick

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Do you love your brick Father Jack-style?

Yeah alright, point made. You suck :(

I do, but that makes you no less of a cunt :p

Hey, I actually found your journal from a google search. I was looking for tabs for Speak and the Devil Appears, and I realize it's not on any major tab sites, so I decided to look more in depth. Well my only result was your journal, and I noticed you've recorded it (the link is long broken though). Do you by any chance have a tab? If not, no big deal, I'll try to learn it myself.

That's one version of it....

The intro is a D chord (xx0232) picked out - you play the D and G strings, and play a scale type thing on the high E.

The chords themselves in the song are D, F#m, G, A, and they're pretty constant throughout. Beyond that, it's just a case of working it out as you go along really...

That's definetely a start, thanks a lot.

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