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A Favour
In the absence of me that you are shortly to experience, I must ask you to do a few things...

Do not mourn. I am not dead. I shall be back
Do not be seduced by the dark side, as personified by Coca Cola
Do not do anything interesting without me.

My absence is coming as a result of a few things... Firstly, I have ordered a BT line. Hopefully, this will be done and dusted by the end of next week, and I'll be online for free. Until then, I need to be careful about how much I spend. Secondly, I am reshuffling my computer. My MP3s will go on a different drive, I think. I will be installing Linux at some point, and in a minute (installing at 2am? Am I nuts?), I shall install Windows ME. I dunno how long that'll take me offline for.

See you soon :o)

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Good luck with installing Me -- I can be quite stubborn at times. As for linux -- just a good thing.

I'm still having nightmares about running that!!
Bloody thing didn't like my Soundblaster Live at all and was almost constantly crashing on me! Win98 runs a dream in comparison to that nightmare!!

And yay Linux :)

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