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last kiss: Eri
last good cry: When I let someone down and worried that I'd lost their trust
last library book checked out: Library?! I buy my books thank you :oP
last movie seen: National Lampoon's: Dad's Week Off. Olivia d'Abo, mmm...
last book read: A book of after-dinner anecdotes
last cuss word uttered: I say fuck an awful lot
last beverage drank: Apple and strawberry
last food consumed: Toast, for lunch
last crush: Eri
last phone call: Eri
last TV show watched: Scrubs
last time showered: This morning
last shoes worn: Black work shoes
last cd played: Stroke 9 - Nasty Little Thoughts
last item bought: Bread, yesterday
last thing downloaded: A security patch
last annoyance: Eri's wireless access/webcam not working properly
last disappointment: My hair, earlier
last soda drank: Vanilla Coke
last thing written: The answers to the music quiz
last key used: CTRL-B?
last word spoken: Bye
last sleep: Nap this evening
last sexual fantasy: About half an hour ago? ;o)
last weird encounter: I forget such things
last ice cream eaten: Probably Half Baked, mmm
last time wanting to die: Not lately
last time in love: All the time?
last time hugged: Probably Claire, when she moved out
last time scolded: I block the memories, they hurt too much
last time resentful: All the time
last chair sat in: The one in my room, where my guitar is
last lipstick used: Pass?
last bra worn: Black, I think...
last shirt worn: My white work shirt
last time dancing: Around my room, earlier
last poster looked at: Button Moon
last show attended: Easyworld gig

1. How would you describe your sense of humour? Lame, but also hilarious, and identical to Eri's
2. What are your three best features? My dashing good looks, my sparkling personality, and my arse
3. If you didn't really know where you were would you rather ask for directions or go on pretending that you did? I can't imagine finding myself in a position where I wouldn't know where I was, I have a keen sense of direction. But if directions are offered, I wouldn't refuse them...
4. Take yourself back 10 years and finish the sentence "When I grow up I want to be..." ... an astronaut
5. What's the best balloon animal? Snake, it's subtle...

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So many comments... so little desire for everyone to see ;)

Say summat funny then...

Was that not established yesterday morning dear? :p

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