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(no subject)
unknownj Hi
lilmisschunky aight
lilmisschunky fort i mite az wel talk 2 ya lke dis, itz mor betta
unknownj That's acceptable enough, I enjoy talking like this
unknownj What have you been up to on this fine day?
lilmisschunky where in brighton r ya?
lilmisschunky wrk'n!
unknownj Reasonably close to the station. What are you employed to do?
lilmisschunky b a skivy in a salon
unknownj Oh well, so long as it pays enough to keep you in Adidas clothes, right?
lilmisschunky (This user has left FaceParty chat)

Something I said? Apparently not, she started another conversation

unknownj What happened there?
lilmisschunky aint gt a scooby doo huni!
unknownj Figures
lilmisschunky wt ya up2 2 nite?
unknownj Probably sitting around in my underwear, occasionally eating a burger or something, masturbating over hot girls on TV, and preparing myself mentally for the day when I take over the world. You?
lilmisschunky fair enuff
lilmisschunky mite go in 2 brighton or shoreham or sum'n
unknownj Cool, where in Brighton?
lilmisschunky dan the strip
unknownj Who is Dan?
lilmisschunky down
lilmisschunky i'm jst rite common!
unknownj Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realise..
lilmisschunky wt dint ya realise
unknownj That you were common.. so anyway, want to tell me what you look like so I can visualise you more accurately?
lilmisschunky wt ya wna no?
lilmisschunky mst of itz on me pro
unknownj Just describe yourself, ideally in terms of famous people you bear a resemblance to
lilmisschunky resembl courtney cox
unknownj Wow, that's hot, you should come here!
lilmisschunky where bouts?!
unknownj Anywhere you want me babe ;o)
lilmisschunky lke...
unknownj You could come to mine!
lilmisschunky N wheres urz?
unknownj Like I said, by the station in Brighton
lilmisschunky y dnt ya cum 2 lancin
unknownj Because it's inhabited by townie sluts and tossers
lilmisschunky i'm townie
unknownj I guessed from the complete inability to type... I just felt like amusing myself for a while... Anyhow, later...

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"Oh well, so long as it pays enough to keep you in Adidas clothes, right?"

Hahahaha. Nice.

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