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Should I or Shouldn't I?
Do I need a haircut. Here's what I used to look like:

Here's what I look like now:

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I think you should mirror one of the picks cos it's looks spooky at the moment.

My inherent ability to angle my head in more than one direction is spooky?! What planet are you from? ;o)


Now don't be mean, you KNOW I'm still waiting for those results.

Hell yes! :)
Do it now!! :)

You don't like the alternative/indie look then? :o)

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Yah voll! Achtung! Schnell, schnell!!

: /

No. You should let it grow long and grow a thick beard. Then you would look like Peter Thomas.

Oh, wait -- that's a bad thing, isn't it?

Jesus bloody Murphy.

No offense, love, but you're starting to look like something from Oasis. I hope that wasn't too insulting. %-)

Get your hair cut.

Wow, you're way too handsome to have THAT hair ...

[I think I'd better shut up ... I believe I made my point, though? %-) Purely an opinion, of course ... ]

hey thats my haircut your talking about :oP admittedly mine *is* of a much shorter variety :o)

And yours doesn't look Oasis-ish. ;-)

Is your head loose? The only photos of you I see are of you holding your face.


ohhhhh my goodness! you're quite right!

Me and mate Laura...

Vote for the hair cut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mark used to have a floopy hair cut like the one you've got at the moment...
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Vote for the hair cut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mark used to have a floopy hair cut like the one you've got at the moment...<phew, can't see you for dust!>

Re: Me and mate Laura...

Mark didn't have "a floopy hair cut" like that when I knew him. His hair was spiky, which is the other alternative for me. Getting away from Mark's hair isn't an option, since although he's a moronic fucking tosser, he has good taste in all things...

not that I think that my say in this will be decisive, but I'd get a hair cut if I were you:)

everyone else has replied to this so I will too.

You say your haircut is indie/alternative, I say it is "Channel 4 Racing" from the 1980s. It has to go. A haircut that would suit yer heed is the "suedeheed" - a bit like Elvis but more Geordie liek. Can you imagine a Geordie Elvis Presley? You should do your hair a bit liek that.

Sod the haircut, get rid of your yellow T-shirt. ;)

Seriously.. yeah I think you should get a haircut, otherwise you're too deep into 1970's!

Jesus Friggen Superstar in Stepping Shoes, YES!!!!!!!

awwww, how sad!

seems everyone wants your hair gone, and i think you look quite cute as you are.

oh well, i'm only a blonde, my opinion means nothing


Ah, but just look at you - you're clearly the resident expert on "cute", so I agree with you - you'd know best :o)

/me points out that being cute doesn't necessarily mean one is an expert at it :-)

you guys are too sweet, really :)

but you're both 20 times cuter

i am an expert, actually


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