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"Summer girls, and some are not!"
Right, I think I'm going for this:

We'll grab ourselves a domain name and some IP addresses, so my computer will be, etc.

Anyhow, the connection will come into the house, up the stairs, and to my room, where it'll go into a router. It'll then pass to a switch, which will then be connected to lines to all five rooms in the house. As soon as my Reading money clears, I'll be able to make a start...

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You are a STALKER!

*steals CD back while you're gone*

Ha! :o)

And yes, it's going to get sorted out as soon as my cheque clears, so next week sometime...

Check out For just an extra £10, you can get 4MB!

do you know if they're reliable or not?

Bulldogdsl started in London area only and many people has commented that they are very good. Bulldogdsl have now expanded to almost all over UK.

I'm currently with Nildram and I am thinking about switching to Bulldogdsl as they have now enabled my local exchange recently.

I don't trust them on principle - they're too cheap :o)

Of course, I said that about Genie/O2, and now I'm very happy with their service, but still.. :o)

Heh, I'm just passing on useful info. :) The reason why they are cheap because they are using unbundled loop. So they are not using BT network, hence the cheap price.

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