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ed as a baby...


david as a baby ;o)

Just felt like randomly putting those somewhere... I've run out of money in my account, but I have food money in my wallet, and I'm starting work on Monday, so it's all good. And I got my cheque for my Reading ticket, so I'm waiting for that to clear too...

Unfortunately this means I won't get to go see Kyle in London tonight, which I'm a little bothered by, but perhaps I'll go stalk him in Canada sometime :o)

Anyhow, it's hot, I want it to be cooler...

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Wow, I used to be cute... Who'd have thought?

the photo of ed is too dark...

The photo of your face is too light :oP

the photo is light to hide the ugliness that is my face. ed's cuteness on the other hand should not be hidden.

the photo is light to hide the ugliness that is my face


But yeah...

OMG. Literally. OH MY GAWD.

I haven't seen that picture of me in at least four years. Where the bloody hell was that taken? And the hair? What the...

Um... there was something about Jake Vanderkar, and a wedding or something.. it's taken from the Studs page of the yearbook, remember?

Bizarre. I have no recollection of where it might be. The only wedding... Hold on. My brother got married in 1999. Might be from that, but how did Jake got hold of it? And since when have I been considered a stud? More importantly, why was I never told I was a 'spunk'?

I wonder if David still has the one of me and him when we met up what seemed like years ago?

That would be funny to see.

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