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Independent Love Song
So, my cheque for £150 should be in the mail right now.. I hope... I owe Eri some nice cocktails when she comes down to Brighton next, and I know the perfect place to get them from...

I now have about 6gb of Scrubs on my hard drive - every episode ever. And I've watched them all, which means I'm ready for October type time... Let's see...

Enterprise: 10th September
Scrubs: 2nd October
Friends: 25th September
South Park: 22nd October

Buffy really belongs on that list, but it's finished now... Still, South Park on Mondays, Enterprise on Wednesdays, Scrubs and Friends on Thursdays... I will have lots of TV to download and watch,,, :o)

I need to go to the employment agency now and sort out a couple of details, before starting work on Monday. I might also go see if I can find where I'm working, that should be useful. And then, it's probably the same as every other day - enjoying the sunshine, relaxing, and waiting for the real world to suck me in...

Ooh, and the first weekend after that cheque clears, I shall see about getting DMZ down here to help me wire up the house, so that every room has a network port in it... That'll increase the value :o)

Then tonight, Frisbee, yay :o)

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Where's my eye-rolling emoticon when I need it? :P
No matter, cocktails, rarrrr :D

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