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The Truth
OK. I admit it. Here's the truth about me...

I lead a double life. Externally, on the physical and mortal plane, I am James Webley, geekus maximus. Inwardly, I am the spirit god Dulah. Pronounced "Doo L Uh". I come to people in visions, and explain to them that the world is merely an illusion, and that we are all one. Actually, this couldn't be further from the truth, but when you're an eternal being like myself, it's difficult to resist the temptation to play with the minds of people who are tripping. Sometimes, I encourage them to fly. Their inability to do so never ceases to disappoint me.

So next time you're tripping, and some eternal being informs you that the universe is God, and that we are all just a part of God's eternal love, do me a favour and say "hi". Maybe even buy me a beer. It's for the greater good of humanity

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Re: So let me get this straight...

Or, indeed, ice-cream with that odd topping what makes the ice-cream go all funny.

Re: So let me get this straight...

Oooh yeah, that 'magic shell' stuff ... can't remember what they actually call it when you go to an ice cream shop to get a 'dipped' cone, but the bottled of chocolate topping goo that hardens into a crust is Magic Shell ...

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