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Ahh, it's nice to get up at about 1pm, and find no signs of life in the house... Mmm, students.

I'll admit that half the point right now is that I shall be living vicariously through others - i.e., surely if I live with four second years, I'll feel more like a second year myself, just one with a full time job, right? Yes, it probably is a bit sad, but I dare any of you to give up on student life and go straight into work. It's not a pleasant thought.

Today I might download the first season of Scrubs, if I can find them, because I do love that show (mostly because I wish I was Dr Cox)...

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I still don't think I look like him :o)

It's not a pleasant thought, dude, and it's one I have to think about too.

Hiya J.

I so know what you mean! I don't actually feel like I've finished Uni at all, despite graduating & all that! :)

I'm doing work but not a 'long-term' job - I'm holding onto this student feeling for a while yet..

How are you anyway?

Oh, while I was up in London me & Alex saw this gorgeous baby with a pink mohawk, it was so adorable, we literally had to give him a little squidge, not that the baby minded,he just played with my bracelets!
He was clearly aspiring after you & Shanu..!

According to my dad's medical students, he is Dr Cox, except considerably more toward the Dr Kelso end of evilness. These are the genes I have to cope with on a daily basis...

Dr Kelso is an evil money-driven cunt. Sounds like your genes... (though no disprespect meant to your father :o)

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