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Right, I need an 8 port hub... At some point over the next week, Quinn and I are going to set up the network here so that I can share out my Internet connection. I may even get the speed of it upgraded, since the cost will be split...

Today has been good fun - inspection was passed fine, I've replaced some broken bulbs, put my posters up in my room... Speaking of which, I should try to get some webcam pics now...

And that last one is just for fun - it's a picture of my brother when he was little :o)

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you are the cutest thing ever

Hey, back off ho... Ed is mine.

(Deleted comment)
Nice registration key message. ;)

so you can clean a room =D

I cleaned the entire house from top to bottom, thank you :oP

Anyhow, I have the biggest and best room in the house now, woo! :o)

There are always seagulls

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