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Watched The X-Files in Claire's room, with Alex, Harry, Lollo and Annie. Naturally, I cried buckets at least four times during the episode. I feel good :o)

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you are a woman!


oh... i'm so sorry


Hey! It was a really emotional episode, that's all :o)

There's NOTHING wrong with crying during that episode! I turned on the TV last night just at the bit where Mulder found Samantha and cryed more than I have any of the others times I've seen that episode. Damn, because of that I can't listen to My Weakness by Moby....

I literally had tears streaming down my face while watching that... It's so emotional, so happy! :o)

I thought X-files was meant to make you scared, not crying.. ;)

Since when has the X-Files been scary? Hmmm, maybe it's me but there's only the odd episode that's scary, it's all just hype...

If you've watched the X-Files as much as James, or even me you're bound to cry at that episode. As far as I'm concerned, it's the last episode they made....

James bro? Nice to see ya on LJ. :)

I don't watch X-Fikes too often, so I guess I might be wrong then. :)

I've probably watched x-files more than you, and i didnt cry at that episode :p and im a girl. wusses, both of you. :)

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