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+ date: 30th July 2003
+ name: Jamie
+ birthday: December 1st, 1981
+ school: I'm a grown up
+ e-mail: No thanks, I already get enough
+ eyes: Blue, undeniably beautiful
+ hair: Brown and crappy, but I'm getting my pink double mohawk back for a weekend in late August
+ height: 6'2"
+ shoe size: 12
+ who lives with you: Today: Jimbo, Harry, Alex, Claire. Next week: Quinn, Rachael, Jenny, Claire
+ when is your bedtime?: 6:40am ;o)

+ flown on a plane: Yes
+ ever been so drunk you blacked out: Yes
+ missed school because it was raining: Yes
+ told a guy/girl that you liked them?: Yes
+ put a body part on fire for amusement: No
+ had a crush on a friends girlfriend/boyfriend: Yes
+ been hurt emotionally: Yes
+ kept a secret from everyone: Yes
+ had an imaginary friend: No
+ wanted to hook up with a friend: Yes
+ cried during a movie?: Yes
+ been on stage: Yes, stripped on stage too
+ cut your hair: Yes
+ had a crush on a teacher? Not really

+ shampoo: Shamwhat?
+ fav color: Purple
+ day/night: Night
+ summer/winter: Winter
+ lace or satin: Satin
+ fav movies: Blade Runner, Moulin Rouge, Star Wars, Alice in Wonderland..
+ fav drink: Root beer
+ people to talk to: Nikki, Eri, Myself...

+ wearing: Shorts, and little else
+ eating: Nowt
+ drinking: Water
+ listening to: Music

+ cried: No
+ worn jeans: No
+ met someone new online: No
+ done laundry: No
+ drove a car: No
+ talked on the phone: Yes

+ yourself: Of course!
+ your friends: Mostly ;o)
+ santa claus: Not as such
+ tooth fairy: No
+ destiny/fate: Yes
+ faries: Not really
+ magic: Yes
+ ghosts: No
+ god: Yes

+ do you ever wish you had another name? No
+ do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend? No
+ which one of your friends acts the most like you? Erika
+ who have you known the longest of your friends: TMA
+ who's the loudest: Jimbo
+ are you close to any family members? Yes
+ who do you go to for stuff? Jimbo knows some people...
+ who do you hang around the most? Frisbee people
+ what's the best feeling in the world: A sweet break-force inside-out sidearm to the endzone for the winning score in a crucial game
+ worst feeling: Having my force broken with an easy toss-pass, and then losing my man and having him receive an equally tossy disc in our endzone to lose the match and come last in a tournament

+ let's walk on the: motorway
+ let's run through: windows
+ let's look at: the backs of our heads
+ what a nice: pain
+ where did all these: zombies come from?!?!
+ how are: you expecting to get away with this?
+ why can't you: just die
+ so where did you: dispose of the corpse?
+ sing the: one and only, by Chesney Hawkes
+ easier than: a thre'penny whore
+ look at my: video camera as I ejaculate in your face
+ i'll stay if: there's free food
+ silly, little: cunt

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I'm going to start demanding you pay me whenever you decide to quote me :p

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