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The computer is working - it's a long story, and I'm very tired.

Still no job - it's almost as if the work isn't going to come looking for me, which is odd. Still, at least now I'm online at home I don't need to go into uni in order to get the Internet working and stuff.

Jimbo is coming down tomorrow, then we're having one last frisbee practice together, and then he's moving out. 'tis very sad... :o(

.. though having said that, I get his bedroom when he's gone, and it's the best room in the house, and it's mine. Hooray! Hopefully I can get my TV card working by then - I'll be able to connect the VCR up to the computer over the summer, which is neat. I shall have fun moving everything around in his room until it suits my plans - I've got it all worked out :o)

New beginning... I wonder what awaits...

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online at home... well get on AIM! right now!

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