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Bah, I had a dream last night where I was paid two thousand pounds to spend five minutes typing about a meal. Alas, apparently getting paid isn't quite so easy in the real world. I'm sure there's plenty I could do, but I want a decent job. Three years in uni, I really don't want to end up working in a call centre or packing boxes. I want to do something.

Apparently I might be going shopping at the weekend for new clothes - I'm not sure if my mother realises what she's getting herself into here. She seems to have forgotten how difficult I can be when I don't want any new clothes :o)

Then next week at some point I'll go back to Brighton and try to fix my computer, and get a job. Then it's the Easyworld gig in London (yay, get to see/torment Eri) followed by my graduation. Argh, graduation. I get to meet Richard Attenborough, but I also get to sit around in stupid clothes, with people I barely know, waiting to be given something I didn't deserve or want. Okay, maybe I deserved it for my general genius, but still, what the fuck do I want with a degree in Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence? I personally think my previous employment record looks far better than a degree - I did interesting things...
Previous Employment

August 2000 - April 2003: Systech Instruments Ltd.
Tasks ranging from the development of gas analysers to designing and maintaining Access databases for a small company that manufactures scientific instruments. Worked approximately four months per year during university holidays.
Which sounds somewhat better than "sat in a lecture hall for three years learning AI techniques that are useless in anything other than highly specific situations". I intend to talk more about frisbee than uni anyway, since I think teamwork, cooperation and fairness are more important things to take away from the last three years than anything classes had to offer.

Anyway, I think today will be much the same as my other days at home... Working on my CV, watching soaps, watching old videos from years ago, playing on the PS2, playing guitar... Ho hum....

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Jaems - quick tip for you - when you're writing about work experience or previous employment in your CV don't say what you did, say what you achieved. What results did you deliver. Anyone can spend time working on an access database, its what you delivered to the company that really matters to an employer, did you increase margin, increase revenue, drive down your cost base blah blah blah.

I usually list what my duties were and then list what my main achievements were over that time period.

So you developed a gas analyser - great - but what did that do for the business? Thats what employers will look for.

I'm sure you know this anyway but I thought I would get on my soapbox!


P.S. Sorry for the anon but I deleted my LJ because this place is just far too false for me!

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