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Jamie - Make her scream for less says:
How are you sexy? :D
Eri || ".. a goddess possessed of a decidedly ethereal yet human beauty." says:
Just am ;)
That'll teach me to forget to use a comma... :o)

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Made me look, to the general public, almost as arrogant as you? :)

Quit kidding yourself, you don't even come close ;o)

I have no desire to be like you

Good - I like you as you are

And I'm meant to come up with a sarcastic and witty retort to that how?

You don't win anything by being sycophantical

No, but what about when I'm being genuine?

Then I appreciate your honesty.

But you still score no points :D

Oh now he brings humour into it too!

Well one of us had to

Buggerit. Now I'm back to square one.

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