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Did you know, it takes 29 seconds between me asking "Who will fuck me?" on IRC, and getting a positive response

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normally I would be slight surprised that you timed that...however since it was on IRC you are excused

I did it as an experiment:

[Wednesday: 02:30:14] <Jamie> Who will fuck me?
[Wednesday: 02:30:43] * DMZ raises his hand

You never asked where I raised it.

You're only incriminating yourself more

It's hardly a secret. My long, thick pierced shaft beats a shampoo bottle any day of the week.

At cleaning hair? ;o)

Go for the face shot?

(Deleted comment)
Ah, but the channel had been dead for the past hour. If conversation was occurring, then it would be quicker, but I asked this in a silent channel. It's quite an achievement.

But yeah, you hang out with freaks ;o)

(what do you expect from a channel that formed around Elite? :oP)

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