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Hmm... was woken up in the early hours of this morning a few times... there was a thunder storm, which was fun - the sky flashing, heavy rain.. it was slightly annoying when the rain started pissing down on me through the window, but I just lay there and let it, because it was actually quite nice really :o)

Then I went back to sleep, and got woken up by the loudest lightning ever. Yes, lightning. See, "thunder" is the loud, rolling, rumbling noise that follows lightning. But this wasn't that. No, this was a loud CRACK! noise, that made my hair stand on end, and wrenched me out of my sleep in the most unpleasantly terrifying way ever. Thunder is the noise of lightning in the distance, reaching you after you see it. The sound of lightning, directly above you, is quite different, and a good deal more scary.

So yes, I lay in bed for a while, too scared to go back to sleep because I was worried that I'd be woken up again in that most unpleasant way. In the end, I just turned some music on, closed my window, and hoped for the best. But it really was so horrible - it lasted for five seconds, just this loud cracking sound... ugh....

Why do republicans and bush supporters read what is, essentially, a left-wing black comic strip?

Life is pretty good at the minute... Somebody is making me happy. Oh, and I finished the fifth Harry Potter book - if I were to sum it up in five lines, the first two would be "Nothing Happens". But about halfway through the book, it does start getting good, so that's okay. Just a bitch to actually get into. And it really could've been so much better, and so much less obvious, but shan't complain...

Hmm, I was writing something to put on LJ earlier, I remember opening the client.. I wonder what it was... I restarted my computer before I posted it, I think....

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Thunder is the noise of lightning in the distance, reaching you after you see it.

Not quite true - lightning causes the noise but doesn't actually make the noise itself. The noise is an extremely rapid increase in air pressure due to the heat of the lightning - as far as I am aware at least.

Well yes... but that noise varies depending on how close you are... I see thunder as being a rolling, roaring noise. Then there's the cracking noise, which I'd attribute to lightning rather than thunder..

Yeah, that thunder on Saturday night/Sunday morning was fucking insane! I thought a nuclear war had started or something.


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