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Mmm, Feedery goodness.

Was looking at the exams I took a few weeks ago - I pretty much got 100% on every question I attempted on them. Which isn't bad going, all things considered... Shame I only attempted 40% of the questions ;o)

Hmm.. Friday... Harry Potter tomorrow, so I won't be around for a good chunk of it :o)

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Why am I banned from ask_me_anything but my FOUR other journals aren't? Hmm

Um, because that's the journal I banned from it.. Simple enough for you?

Thats fucking gay lmao. So Ill just ask questions from my other four you stupid ass slut


Your comment makes you look stupid.

Lmao not really, I was looking through your journals, you are so fucking ugly

This comment reveals that you have poor taste in men. Keep trying.

what the fuck? lmao.. I just left 3 questions in ask me anything BITCH :) ANSWER IT HO

lmao like hahaha. he cant stop u!!!!!!!1 his ugly ass iz gay!!! lmao!!!!!!!! u sure made him look dum!!!!!

Lmao hey thank you :)

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