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And with an average of 41.7%, giving me a Third, I am now

James Webley, BSc

Thank you :o)

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Yup, congratulations! : )

Damn other people getting their exam results back already. I guess being in the first year (again) it's not that important for me though... : )

bronze swimming certificate?

Hell yeah!

I hope you know how proud I am of you...

Love you :)

Congratulations on the degree!

congratulations Mr James Webley BSc!

I'm proud

*congratulations* you sound all smart and proper:)

Cograts ... I still have *at least* another two years to go, and I've been at this since '99.

Thinking about grad school at all?

I'll have fries with that, please.

Scraped though OK then, eh?
Good job :)


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