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That is all

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We are bald brothers!

#2 as I recall. It was rather worrying - just before the end, Jimbo lost the attachment down the back of the cooker, so if it had been any less finished, I'd have had to have got it done at #1...

Hmmm... reminds me of that Timberlake boy.

This will fuel your already inflated look really good in the second picture.


It actually looks... really good.


*gives thumbs up*

I keep seeing myself in the mirror and wondering who it is... It's not been like this for more than a couple of weeks in the last year and a half :o)

OK, it's not funny, it's just a surprise to see you with such conventional hair. It's quite like mine actually. Yikes....



the scary thing is, i *also* shaved my head on the *same day*.

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