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Everyone Loves Lucy
Right, am back from the farm... And showered, etc... I came back covered in so much mud, dust and cow shit... Still, that's the point.

For all of you squaws out there who want to know what a holographic man looks like...

On the first day, I sucked quite badly, and came joint last out of the guys. A big group of trees and bushes claimed both my discs, but I crawled around inside for ten minutes, in amongst the thick brambles, and managed to climb a tree and get it back. Hooray!

The party was neat, we threw discs around (I've managed to get some practice in at jumping up and catching the disc between my legs, which is good), and had to drink for drops and throw-aways. Then we went inside, and played some drinking games and some flutterguts, which was cool. I managed to get through the bottle of vodka I'd bought, but it didn't have that much of an effect, which was a shame... Though I felt it the next morning :o\

Run away with me, just turn up at my door one day, and be mine forever

Spent the night in Shed's tent, which was quite comfortable. Unfortunately, I got to sleep at around 3am. And the sun woke me up at 5am, shining straight in and making me think it was time to get up. I later found out that actually it was Stupid O'Clock, and went back to bed. But I didn't get any proper sleep the rest of the morning, until I finally got up properly (feeling very hot and sweaty) at around 9am...

We all cleared off to Tesco, and went to the cafe there for breakfast - I had lots of toast and bacon. And at the party, I went through quite a bit of pizza. Yay, eating! It's an improvement on normal, anyway...


Then it was time for the paired frisbee golf. Arse (Roof and I) played against Bollocks (Kyle, Rhino and Roland) and Cunts (Felix and Gav). If you get the lowest score on the hole, then you get a point - if two teams are tied with the lowest score, then no points are awarded. It was finally 2-1-1 to Cunts (meaning that 14 of the 18 holes were ties).

Anyhow, then it was time to come home again, and that's where I am now. Said goodbye to Kyle - he's off to various places, and is ultimately going back to Canada, and this weekend was the last time we'll see him. I'd just like to mention that he rocks, and that practices would have been a good deal more boring (and less random) without him.

And thus, by using deportation, I remove another rival

Anyhow, having had no sleep, and insufficient food, and being covered in mud, I felt a bit crappy when I got home. Lots of things just getting the better of me. Fortunately a certain someone was able to make me feel a lot better, and make it all go away. So yay :o)

Well anyway, the plan for this evening is to sleep, and eat, and talk to people. Not necessarily in that order, and I shall try not to attempt everything at once.

LCD lights jump from place to place like jack out of his box


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