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It's 2am and I'm feeling perverse
[Saturday: 01:39:31] <TSC> MF is good
[Saturday: 01:39:36] <TMA> (not that MF for you ASSM readers)
[Saturday: 01:43:21] <Jamie> ASSM?
[Saturday: 01:43:23] <Jamie> What's that then?
[Saturday: 01:43:29] <Jamie> I am unfamiliar with that acronym
[Saturday: 01:43:31] <TSC> M/ffff
[Saturday: 01:43:36] <Jamie> Mmmm
[Saturday: 01:43:39] <Jamie> Wait!
[Saturday: 01:43:42] <Jamie> I didn't mean that how it came out!

If you don't get it, don't ask

[Saturday: 01:46:07] <Jamie> Wait
[Saturday: 01:46:08] <Jamie> I can do better
[Saturday: 01:46:12] <TMA> not kay as in 'ok yes please'
[Saturday: 01:46:35] <Jamie> (M/bg best inc ws scat bdsm rape pedo nc first preg)
[Saturday: 01:46:47] <Jamie> And, for the final sick touch
[Saturday: 01:47:04] <Jamie> (M/bg best inc ws scat bdsm rape pedo nc first preg, sci-fi)
[Saturday: 01:47:14] <TSC> eww
[Saturday: 01:47:18] <Jamie> It's important to know what the codes mean
[Saturday: 01:47:23] <Jamie> Especially the ones that can get you arrested
[Saturday: 01:47:43] <TMA> hm, arrested eh
[Saturday: 01:47:48] <Jamie> I dunno
[Saturday: 01:47:51] <TMA> I'd better turn off auto download of all articles
[Saturday: 01:48:54] <Jamie> I don't know how illegal it would be to have erotica on your PC that has Man/girl/boy incestuous forced sex including an animal, bondage, piss and shit, the loss of virginity and ultimately end in pregnancy, set in the Star Trek universe
[Saturday: 01:49:12] <TMA> It should be illegal if it's not already
[Saturday: 01:49:17] <TMA> Star Trek is just wrong


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