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... seems to be so happy with his new bird that he's forgotten how depressing it can get when you're incredibly lonely. Thanks for the support, man... </SARC>

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Oh dear.

*big huge hug*


I would be all sympathetic and stuff.. but

Mark Owen? bwahahahaha.

That's cheered me up no end. Cheers mate ;-)

hey, thats really unfair, you blocked me in all of 30 seconds, forgive me for a/ at least being a little cheery for once in my damn life and b/ at least saying something, what dispite your evident mood, believe it or not, I've not forgotten how not fun being lonely is, nothing can erase the memory of that but don't you even say something like that.

Dont stress out. Being lonely is a good thing, really.

Compared to ..... what, having your fingernails all ripped out slowly? ;-)


actually, I'll amend that.

Being lonely because you're actually alone is far less agonising than being lonely because you are with someone that either treats you like crap, or is choosing NOT to be with you at the mo.

Right? *hug*

I'm not sure.

Being lonely is a good thing. You do whatever you want, when you want.

But you don't get to snuggle.

As long as you're comfortable with doing 'whatever you want' ALONE, definitely.

Snuggling: Get a cat. ;-) Helps immensely.

Well yeah, they just don't give very good hugs, but you've got the general idea. ;-)

Or perhaps a cat AND a blow-up doll, for entirely different purposes. There we go.

*wishes he hadn't*

I was trying to protect the cats from anything disgusting.

Keep them 'pussy' jokes to yourself. ;-)

I never did find the funny side of blow up dolls.

By the time you're done blowing them up you're too knackered to do anything else.

Not that I'd know.

Not that I'd know.

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight, of course not .... %-)

I have not had sexual relations with that blow up doll.

Gotcha, Mr Clinton. 8-)

I did not have sexual relations in the way I understood the term.

i.e. only one woman was involved. :-D

Being lonely is the worst thing in the world. Why? Lets start off with the self doubt. The fact that you begin to feel like you're inferior to the rest of the world. And then theres the paranoia, the feeling that everytime you look at someone they give you a dirty look back. Then theres the feeling of desparation, and the consequential bastardisation of people in a similar position just so you can elevate yourself to a higher social standing and higher self worth. Not to mention frustration at trying your best to be as friendly to the outside world with little or no reward, and the feelings of jealousy you have towards these people who seem to have a life and many friends.

Sorry, didnt mean to rant, its a touchy subject.


This is why God invented Computer Games... :-o

I think that's more to do with your emotional wellbeing then being single.

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