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001) name: Jamie
002) location: Brighton
003) occupation: Son. It's the only thing I get paid to do :o\

001) hair: Pink tips, blonde middles, dark brown roots
002) eyes: Blue, "undeniably beautiful".
003) height: 6'2"

001) clothing: It's mostly either black, or bright, with little in between
002) music: I have no idea. Rock. Ish.
003) body art: Left eyebrow is pierced

001) wearing: Green boxers, beige 3/4-length shorts, nowt else
002) listening to: The sound of my breathing and the tapping of the keyboard
003) thinking of: A girl I know

001) bought: Today's shopping, which included bacon, bread, chocolate, marmite...
002) drank: Water. I drink a lot of water
003) read: The Little Prince, which is actually one of the best books I've ever read, and I recommend it to everybody
004) watched on TV: Have I Got News For You, which was SHITE this week

001) club or house party: Depends. At random, a club. But if it's the party of somebody I know, where my friends will be, then the house party.
002) tea or coffee: None of the above
003) achiever or slacker: Slacker, without a doubt
004) beer or cider: None of the above
005) drinks or shots: Shots
006) cats or dogs: Cats
007) single or taken: Taken
008) pen or pencil: Pen
009) gloves or mittens: Gloves
010) food or candy: Candy
011) cassette or cd: CD
012) coke or pepsi: Coke
013) hard or mild alcohol: Hard
014) matches or a lighter: Lighter

001) kill: Just some guy...
002) hear from: Nikki
003) get really wasted with: Frisbee people, tomorrow night ;o)
004) look like: Me, it's taken me long enough to come to terms with it...
005) be like: Me
006) avoid: Nobody that I'm not already avoiding

001) touched: Shed - Helena threw a weird disc in a game earlier, and I managed to reach it just as Shed (who was also on my team) did, and we collided.
002) talked to: Claire
003) hugged: Adele
004) instant messaged: Eri
005) kissed: Can't reveal her name, but she's gorgeous :o)
006) who broke your heart: Jen

001) eat: Dining room, living room, my room, depending
002) dance: Clubs, my bedroom, everywhere
003) cry: Inside
004) wish you were: With somebody special

001) dated your bestfriend?: Yes
002) loved somebody so much it makes you cry?: Yes
003) drank alcohol?: Yes
004) done drugs: Yes
005) broken the law: Yes
006) ran away from home: Yes
007) broken a bone: Yes
008) cheated on a test: Yes
009) skinny dipped: Yes
010) played truth or dare: Yes
011) flashed someone: Yes
012) mooned someone: Yes
013) kissed someone you didn't know: Yes
014) been on a talk/game show: I've been invited onto two, but pulled out
021) eaten a worm/mud pie?: No
023) had a nightmare/dream that made you wake up: Yes

001) The most embarrassing CD in your collection?: Eminem / Jason Donovan
002) Your bedroom like?: A bomb site
003) Your favorite thing for breakfast?: Bacon and french toast with syrup, and fresh orange juice
004) Your favorite thing for lunch?: Grilled cheese sandwiches with pepperoni with root beer
005) Your favorite thing for dinner?: Meat pizza and coke
006) Your favorite Restaurant?: American Burger King

001) A Vegetarian?: No
002) A Good Student?: Not as such
003) Good At Sports?: Yes
004) A Good Singer?: Not really but I'm trying
005) A good Actor/Actress?: Yes
006) A deep sleeper?: Sometimes
007) A Good Dancer?: Yes
008) Shy?: Yes Apparently not (but I think I am)
009) Outgoing?: Yes
010) A good storyteller?: Yes

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