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Hmm, I've found the job I'd like to do.

Professional busker! :o)

I just went up to the shop, and there's a guy who plays an acoustic guitar underneath the bridge. He's pretty good, and has a great voice - when I went up there, he was playing Say Something by James, and on the way back it was There She Goes by The Las. I gave him a few quid, but given that I have very limited money until I find a job, that was all I could do...

But he's good - the singing was spot on on both songs, and considering they're not the easiest songs to sing in the right key, it was impressive...

I know I probably can't afford it, but I've decided that every time I walk past him and he's playing a song I like, I'll give him some money. Seems fair, the acoustics under the bridge mean that I can hear it all the way down the road, and it's entertaining.

Hmm, looks like good weather for at least part of the weekend, for our Disc Golf games :o)

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Not busking related...but do you know of any of these teams and are they any good?

Bad Habits
Little Mohawk
Albatross 1
Albatross 2
Strawberry Jam
Axis of Apathy
North South Divide
Missing a Disc
Ace Trucking Co
Smash & Grab
Cliff's Pickup Team

I have heard you talk of smash and grab before so I assume they are well known. Our team is dunnhumby though I have changed the name to The Thundering Herd in honor of the clueless mass panic that ensues once the game starts. We will get totally wasted by most teams I would imagine, although we do have 2 guys who play for Clapham (Alex being one of them) which should help!

Not sure what "Little Mohawk" is meant to be, might be an error and it's meant to be Little Mwncis, which is the Aberystwyth team...

BadHabits are pretty good, though I'm not sure how much they play together on a regular basis...

Smash and Grab are, of course, the best team in the universe. Well, kind of... They're a Brighton-based team, with lots of ex-Mohawks - I practice with them sometimes, on account of how most of them are friends of mine. They're pretty good, but they could still be better I guess..

Not really sure about the other teams - we mostly play against student teams rather than open teams.

But with a couple of Clapham players, you shouldn't do too badly at all. After all, Skipper did play for UTI in the final of the World Beach Ultimate Cup, which is pretty impressive...

yeah, the thing is the rest of us have never played before and cant really do anything other than the standard throw which can be pretty limiting if anyone plays half decent defence on you!

Well there's no better way to learn than to play with good teams :o)

Bad Habits are cool people and a reasonably good team, as are Axis Of Apathy.
Smash & Grab are made up mostly of ex/current-Mohawk players, which is why TB (aka Jamie) talks about them, and they're a pretty good team (they're 8th or 9th I think in the Tours atm).
I've heard of/played against most of the others, but "Little Mohawk" - whatwhowhenhow?? Is someone stealing our beloved name?!

btw, this is a list of teams going to a tournament, I take it?

-Roland/Rolls (fellow Mohawk)

Actually it is a list of teams playing in a league in London - it is our first year entering (and the first time 90% of us have ever played) so it will be a bit of a steep learning curve I suspect!


Ah, the London Summer League or whatever it's called? Should be fun, if the Winter League is anything to go by. Good luck :)


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