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No offence, but Prince Harry seems to be pretty fucking dumb...

William has gone to uni, is doing a degree, etc., and even though it's only History of Art, at least he's giving it a go...

Harry, on the other hand, has only done two a-levels (Art and Geography), and now wants to join the army. I mean come on, he's had the best education that idiotic amounts of old money can buy, and yet manages to do only the two easiest a-levels on the syllabus. And yet, because of who his parents are, he'll be celebrated for the rest of his life.

Bless the system...

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=O!!!! but he's beautiful!!!! so what if he can't form sentences or do maths, it's not the only way you can be clever y'know

He can be clever by being beautiful and having nobby parents, can he? :oP

exactly!! his beauty outshines his intelligence =P

is this the same Prince Harry? Or is there a beautiful one in a paralell universe? But then he'd have to be intelligent too... hmm... something's wrong..

no he's just beautiful! he's got freckles!!! need i say anymore?

but look at the crazy hair!!!

In every picture of him, it looks like he's been assaulted with a tub of blusher....

argh! where did that come from?! but still, look at his mouth.. mm pouty

Look at his clown cheeks!

stop it!! you're just being mean!

hmmm... I'm sure I've seen that "pout" before...

*imagines that from the side* ahh there it is :)

you're just jealous! you want to look like him that's what it is but you can't accept it so you've repressed it

I swear he started off doing three, I'm pretty sure he dropped one though after absolutely flunking his AS levels.

he'll be celebrated for the rest of his life.

OOPS! Misread that, I thought you said celibate


B in Art
D in Geography!!!!!

you have to be as dumb asa pancake to get below C in Geography, and thats not even countign the private education he's had. Nice to know our taxes are going towards pointlessly trying to educate the royally retarded.

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