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This song is fucking awesome

Something about the vocals in the chorus reminds me of something, don't know what, but I like it.

I intended to write something long and complicated last night, but it got swept away beneath the feeling crappy and tiredness. Damn you Eri for keeping me up all night, but at least my sleeping pattern is back to normal now...

Tonight is the Mohawks awards dinner thingie. Jimbo thinks my award is a bit crap, so I'm not expecting much. I've got my outfit sorted - I like it :o)

Anyhow, I've things to do

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Damn you Eri for keeping me up all night

I didn't realise you hated it so much... don't worry... it shan't happen again...

the parental units have scowled asked me the last couple of mornings and asked if I decided to go to bed that night... hmmm

Ah, most peoples awards will be a bit crap, or more so. I have no idea what my award will be. I'll bet it will be either something photography related, or knee related. I only just thought of the latter, but now think it's quite possible. My trophy will probably be a knee brace or a wheelchair or something like that. :)

Or the fact that you are the biggest shark on the whole team, according to Felix ;o)

Though he says I'm second worst... :o\

Will you be coming to the pub at 5:30ish?

I'll be there for 5ish, yes.

And I'm no shark. I'm just overtly sexual. Sharks get kills. I'm at best a dolphin.

And I'm often confused with a shark, and get given a bad name, when really I am gentle an innocent. Like a killer whale.. At this point I'd extend the metaphor and fling out a few random stabs at certain people, but I'm not in the mood to insult them ;o)

worst. placebo. album. ever.

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