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1 Full name: James David Webley
2 Date and place of birth: December 1st, JR in Oxford
3 Height and weight: 6'2", 170lbs
4 Colour of eyes: Blue
5 Family: oldgit, shy, ed, Mummy and my cat Alfred
6 Status: Half-taken
7 Pets: Alfred. I already said...
8 Distinguishing marks: Birthmark on the back of my neck
9 Favourite pop band: Motherfuckin' Busted, yo!
10 Favourite band with instruments: AK, Easyworld, No Use For A Name, in approximately that order
11 Favourite song: Duran Duran - Ordinary World
12 What was the first poster you put on your wall? Chesney? Jason Donovan? The Party? I forget...
13 First memory: A dream about being at the church in my village with my grandmother. Or the nightmare about the eyes in the darkness...
14 First record you bought: I fear it may have been Craig McLachlan and Check 1-2. First album I owned was Erasure - Chorus though.
15 Favourite cartoon character: Perhaps the Dad from Brak...
16 Favourite catchphrase: After today's Sealab fest:
"That's right, fat-stuff. Shake those chins!"
"Guess I was blinded by your fat"
"Fat makes you think crazy things"
17 Teacher you had a crush on: None, though Miss Northwood was hot ;o)
18 Favourite body part: Eyes! Well, they're good
19 Favourite part of the opposite sex: There are so many good bits... eyes, neck, nipples...
20 What disappoints you most about the opposite sex? Their not being here right now ;o)
21 If you could pass a new law what would it be? Send townies to Australia
22 Were you cool at school? Not exactly, no
23 Most snogs in one night: guntrip, lightisfading, hollowpoint, spidrak, Gemma, Sophia, regina_thesuper - so 7.
24 What makes you laugh? Dolphin boy
25 What makes you cry? The Fresh Prince of Bel Air
26 Favourite pizza topping: Pepperoni
27 Favourite sandwich filling: Cheese & Pepperoni
28 Secret ambition: Have kids, marry the woman I love, etc. etc.
29 Ever broken the law? Depends whether sex acts in public are illegal ;o)
30 Whats the most you've spent on an item of clothing? £40?
31 Who could you have in a fight? Anybody!
32 What would you ban? Clothes
33 What's your idea of happiness? Love
34 Greatest fear: Dying alone
35 Greatest extravagance: Travel to see far-away girls probably
36 How would you like to die? Explosion!
37 What is your motto? 'Your mum's a cunt'?
38 Favourite journey: Well certainly not that crappy train from Bologna to Rimini, in the middle of the night, with hundreds of peopel stuffed into the carriage together like something you see in documentaries about the third world, where we could barely breathe.....
39 Who is the love of your life? She respectfully asks that I do not name her, for fear of arrest and execution by her country of origin.
40 What would you change about yourself? More muscles and fat and just more body in general?
41 What qualities do you most value in a friend? Silence ;o)
42 If you could come back from the dead what would you be? Pissed off
43 Whats under your bed? Boxes and boxes of stuff
44 Most treasured possession: My necklace
45 Quote a line of poetry: There once was a girl from nantucket
46 Do you own patterned socks? Yes
47 Do you believe in aliens? Not in the visiting us type sense
48 Are you a driver or a map-reader? Map reader
49 What are you obsessed with? Guitar, Frisbee
50 Favourite smell: Belgian Waffles
51 Whats the most expensive thing youve ever bought? My computer
52 Favourite breed of dog: Really not a dog person at all, stuff 'em
53 Whats the last thing you laughed at? Eri :oP
54 Favourite mountain range: Himalayas
55 Colour of curtains: Horrible orangey blind
56 When did you last cry? Last week
57 I've always wanted to: be me.
58 Last thing I cooked was: Bacon, Marmite and Cheese on toast
59 Fave word beginning with Q: Queef!
60 Least favourite group: Christian Coalition? ;o)
61 Number of school detentions: 0
62 What do you think about most often? A girl
63 What book are you reading? Nothing at present
64 What's the best present you've ever been given? No idea, so it can't have been that great ;o)
65 What would you die if anyone knew? If anybody knew my biggest secret, I can think of people who'd kill me......
66 Favourite expression: Raised eyebrow
67 Least fave household chore: All of them
68 What colour underwear are you wearing? Black
69 What shampoo do you use? Shamwhat?!
70 Favourite sweet: Maltesers?
71 If curiosity killed the cat, what happened to the dog? Who cares about dogs?
72 Favourite Disney film: Tron! Uh, wait, was that Disney..?
73 Favourite place: Brighton
74 What's the best advice you've ever been given? Ignore them and maybe they'll go away
75 Favourite thing about where you live: The sea and the shops and the frisbee
76 Favourite movie: Alice in Wonderland / Blade Runner
77 Favourite film star: Brad Pitt
78 Male or female company? Female
79 What sport are you best at? Ultimate Frisbee
80 What's the best room in your house? Jimbo's room, soon to be my room
81 What;s the longest you;ve spent getting ready for a night out? A day?
82 What are the worst lyrics you;ve ever heard? "Mister Higinson, am I not good enough for the world?" or some bollocks by The Ataris...
83 Who is your hero? Me? ;o)
84 Nickname: Jamie
85 Star sign: Sagwhatnot
86 Favourite colour: Purple
87 In trouble at school for: Nothing ever (because I was a good boy, and then at uni, I never showed up anyway)
88 Turn-ons: The people who could use the answer already know
89 Favourite sport to watch: Snooker
90 Favourite sport to play: Frisbee
91 Worst moment at school: Too many to pick one
92 Favourite possession: Guitar
93 Best moment at school: A-level results day when I beat everybody but Phil (who spent months revising, whereas I spent about two days total ;o)
94 Favourite solo artist: Me, even if I do suck :oP
95 Worst subject at school: French / Dance
96 Where do you buy your clothes? My mummy does it for me :oP
97 What was the latest message you sent? "Okay"
98 Who is your best friend? David/Jimbo
99 What kind of food do you like? Toast!
100 Favourite holiday destination: Wales
101 What is your favourite drink? Root Beer
102 How do you relax? Sleeping / Cuddling

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53 Whats the last thing you laughed at? Eri :oP


What can I say? You amuse (and tire) me... :oP

meh... i've had less sleep than you :'(

65 What would you die if anyone knew? If anybody knew my biggest secret, I can think of people who'd kill me......

Maybe they're just biding their time Jaems!

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