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In response to Jimbo pointing out that I've not been for a night out since exams finished, I decided to at least make an effort. So I went out for a wander - I got all dressed up, did my hair, and walked down to the beach. On the way, some girls came over to me, and they knew my name, and that was scary. I just ignored them and ran away - they addressed me as "James" rather than "Jamie" - that can't be a good thing. Anybody I'd want to talk to would know me as either Jamie or Twatbeard.

Anyhow, the beach was beautiful - there was a lot of sea mist blowing in, which made it all look slightly creepy, but very cool. I wandered along the shore for a bit, and then came back home again via Creation. I was tempted to go in - I have a VIP pass to get in there any time I want (which I think I got for stripping on the stage there, but I don't remember too well), but I didn't feel like clubbing just randomly. Not really in the mood for it. Other than at Frisbee tournaments, I don't think I've been clubbing in like 5 months or something... And after the club in Rimini which played Nena, Offspring, (uh, I used to be able to remember more, but I did get fucked out of my head that night), anything over here would be pretty crappy...

Anyway, that's the most excitement I've had all day. But it was fun to dress up for no reason :o)

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I wish I could still just "walk down to the beach." -cries-

I hate this inland life.

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