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Something I don't get: When people are singing, and there's a gap (say between the verse and the chorus) and they artificially shorten it. Sure, when you doing it without music, it might sound a bit awkward to be waiting in time to make it fit right, but it just sounds really annoying when people don't pause long enough between lines.

I dunno, I get arsey about people failing to keep rhythm. On the minibus up to Edinburgh (I think it was, might've been Norwich), we had a sing-along, and I had to drown everybody out by keeping in time, and resorted to drumming a beat out on my thighs just so that people would pay attention to how it goes. Anal much? Probably... But I just don't like it sounding all wrong...

Speaking of which, I've got a much better ear for music lately... I was playing along on the keyboard to some Nirvana Unplugged stuff when I was home recently, and my brother asked where I learned it. When I told him I was just making it up and working it out as I went along, I felt kinda proud of myself - being able to do that isn't especially easy for everybody... I'm certainly improving, even if I can't hit notes when singing :o)


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