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Suckers for Self Destruction - Feensong v2.0

Um, it's pretty similar to the last one really... I tried re-recording the vocals, but my illness is getting worse. By the second half of the last chorus, you can really hear my vocal chords just giving up, and the pain was pretty bad.... Every time it sounds like the recording quality on the vocals is crap, that's actually just my voice falling apart :o\

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hehe, this made me grin :)
that's all
eri x

You grinned? Clearly you didn't download the song then... According to my brother, just listening to it makes his throat hurt ;o)

P.S. if you have any good ideas about what song to cover for the competition (on account of how BH stuff won't count), you must tell me, or I will fail :o(

I don't want to be yet another person covering Bleach....

nooo i did download it.. and it made me smile.. so nurrr...

umm.. do By The Sea... and record it by the sea...with seaguls and splashing and Brighton type sounds... remember they don't just want cover versions... they want originality :)

hmmm... again i spoke/typed before i thought (nikki's lovely mother told me off for this identical crime earlier today)... recording By The Sea by the sea is actually horrendously unoriginal... umm.. but it might be nice.. hehe

I have baby seagulls who play on the roof just outside my window - I get seagull noises on everything I record whether I want them or not anyway... What if I record By The Sea at the side of a motorway? Would that be more original? :o)

Ooh, or I could record This Is Where I Stand while lying down!

Uh, I'll stop being silly.

(and thank you for smiling - the fact that you smiled makes me smile, so :o)

hmmm... i just spent the weekend with nikki.. you think I don't know about your baby seagulls? ;)
she was telling us all about the ones that fell out of the nest today, hehe...

as for By The Sea by the motorway.... that would be quite original yes, but rather you than me sitting by a motorway playing a guitar and singing to be honest... with TIWIS lying down.. would you randomly shout 'I'm lying down' or send an accompanying video? :P

Hehe... Aww, it was so sad when they fell out - the parents were gutted... But now they live on the roof rather than the chimney stack, and they seem happier... Earlier, they were running up and down, flapping their wings, trying to fly. 'twas very sweet.

I shall have to have words with Nikki about telling people my stories - if she does that, I'll have nothing left to tell people :o\

As for TIWIS, I think a very silly and pointless video would be mandatory...

to be fair, the nikki didn't know i'd end up talking to you throught this fabulous medium and have the chance to hear the story from yourself when she told me... she was just publicising the plight of the dear little chicks.. *nods*

I'm not getting quite scared of what you'll end up entering in this competition... I'm not sure if I'm going to attempt to put any of my ideas for it into an actual entry... they seem like the kind of ideas that'll work in theory, but woulr just end up as a big waste of time... hmmm...

Still, it makes me worried about what else she might have told people about me.... Who knows what secrets she might divulge, all the while thinking it would never get back to me... ;o)

And no matter what your ideas are, I can assure you, my entry will be a bigger waste of time, just you wait ;o)

ahhh but beyond the innocence of the baby seagulls nothing will get back to you through me... so you're both safe.... for now... ;)

i doubt i'll enter... then I can sit back and say "yeah well, if I *had* entered I'd have won" :)

Hmmm.... Hmmm...

And I guess that's one outlook. However, since I know I am going to win, I might as well enter ;o)

but of course you're only going to win because I'm not entering...

urgh... you can tell it's getting late when I resort to repeating arguments!

And you can tell it's really late when you resort to repeating invalid arguments. I think I will beat you.

Now you have to enter, to prove me wrong ;o)

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