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I have to admit, I'm getting to quite like Michael Portillo

Don't get me wrong - as a person, he comes across as being very sleazy, and his politics are very much at odds with my own. However, he's very astute, seems to come up with intelligent arguments and presents them in a compelling way. Obviously I usually disagree with him, but when he says something I agree with, he does so in a way that just makes me want to cheer.

If he was a leftie, he'd be invaluable...

I've been watching a lot of political programs today. At some point I ought to really come out with an outburst - it's been a while, and it seems to be less popular (which makes me more likely to do it). I don't like engaging in political commentary when everybody is voicing an opinion - invariably my views can be found within other peoples', and my individual comments just get lost in the masses. I like to either wait until everybody is quiet, or until everybody disagrees with me.

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heh. i went to a politics conference aimed at A-level / first-year uni students once. William Hague was meant to be speaking, but pulled out at the last minute and Portillo replaced him. Has to be said, the guy handled himself really well when faced with many, many offensive questions from the self-styled "intellectuals" in the crowd. heh.

I have a lot of respect for the man - he's smart and can think on his feet... And he attacks Blair, which is always good... :o)

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