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Hello Timebomb
I'm unconsciously watching every word I say. And I'm not a fan of that...

Not too well right now... I daresay I've been infected by some inconsiderate sod who took their exams while they were feeling ill, and spread their germs to everybody in the hall. I'd be bitter, but the exams are over now. I could come down with the flu right now, and it would be worth it...

This week has been good for seeing famous people. I sat behind Bobby Zamora on the train today, and on Monday, I saw a guy who looked a lot like Alastair McGowan - perhaps it was a deliberate attempt to be ironic. Anyhow, I'm in Brighton now, and I'm out of sugar. I may have to go buy something hideously bad for me to keep my glucose level up...

Ooh, and the Easyworld competition thingie is to cover one of their songs. Which is pretty much all I had planned for this week anyway! I may need people to tell me which is the better of the various ones I do, but that's much later on... I can't record anything right now, it's a bit late :o)

Hmm, I should see people this summer... There's Benny for starters, if he has time (note to self - must reply to his mail)... Then Alice, who I must meet soon because I've wanted to for ages. And I should see Nikki soon, because it's far too long since I last saw her and it's just not fair frankly. Going up to see David sometime soon, though I forget when... a gig in a few weeks...

Anyhow, time to go buy a destructive amount of sugar, in the hope that it will make me feel a bit less ill...

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(Deleted comment)
Yeah, I don't want to catch whatever you've got - one illness is quite enough for me right now...

I guess I'll wait for you to get off your arse and come here ;o)

(Deleted comment)
I will take Throat Infections for $200 please

yes! Meet me... and reply to my letter :P!

I saw Alistair Mc Gowan a couple of months ago in Tescos. Odd.

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