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Raincheck on that update
The update is being delayed until I get back home to Uni. Subjects include:

My Java assignment
Recent discussions with flatmates
Eminem concert
Who from AGGTA is now posting in AFAA in the hope of an Adjective ;o)
Guitar stuff
My state of being
Home life
Harry Potter 3
Harry Potter 4
Star Trek
More stuff

Speak to you soon

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You went to the Eminem concert?

I hate you ;-)

Damn, I wish I could've gone

I could've gone to the Manchester concert, i knew someone with a spare ticket but alas, i didn't.

I heard this about the Manchester concert:
"The chainsaw wasn't plugged in and the pills weren't real"

Whatever the hell he was doing, I wish I was there.

Oh yeah, that was wicked

He strapped himself into an electric chair, and "threatened" to take some pills. He was willing the crowd to chant "do it" or some such

Not sure what the chainsaw was all about, I was told, but I have forgotten

It would've been so cool to go and see him

I think he may have entered with the ahainsaw, and pyrotechnics were involved.

He did indeed enter with the chainsaw - there was a big screen which showed two guys going into a house, and then various Blair Witch stuff ending with the guys getting sawed up. Then Eminem comes out of the house on the set, with a chainsaw and a mask.

Pyrotechnics are never a bad thing

Pyrotechnics are fun! But do tend to make actors jump...

It would have been cool to see him go... :-)

"Go" as in kill himself?

Take "go" as you will. I even spotted an error...

I should have written (of course):

It would've been so cool to see him go... :-)

The chainsaw couldn't be plugged in for safety reasons in the uk
The "e's" were chewing gum tablets and the "barcadi" was water.

Why dind't you go?

Lack of money for ticket, it was on a school night and my parents would have bitched and i didn't like the company i would have had to go with,

Fair point, I guess

no! isn't, i've decided now i wanted to go! stuff my parents! i could deal with the company,waaaaaaa!

wooo, I get my own topic :o)

mm I can guess (half guess) what that could be about :o)

I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look forward to it james! Are you going to say something lovely? And may I just say what a scrummy chest combined with lovely strong arms mark latter has, thank you...Glad you enjoyed harry potter, good isn't it?

I feel left out a tad, I want my own topic heading

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