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The stupid sea gulls...

They had three babies in the nest. Now they have one baby in the nest and two babies in the garden below... They're alive, but they can't get back up to the roof, so I'm going to have to talk to the people next door about it....


Poor things

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There is nothing you can do about it.

If you picked up the birds, the mother will reject the babies because of smell from your hand. So it's best to leave them like that.

If the babies are *very* young, RSCPA is the only people that can help properly. Give them a bell and they will advise you.

Problem is in a lot of towns Gulls are regarded as nothing more than pests, I don't know if the RSPCA would actually spare the time to look at them. It would be ironic if they did considering they are culling them in a lot of areas :(

AFAIK, it's might be true for adult birds, but I'm sure they will take care the babies.

Maybe I'm wrong *shrugs*

Not sure, it would be ironic for them to save a creature then kill it years later. But then that is the RSPCA. Most likely if they couldn't care for them they'd just put them down :(

Are they really culling seagulls? Because that doesn't work - they're able to expand in numbers faster than you can effectively cull them (can't shoot them, can't poison them), so as you clear some out, it just gives the seagulls from nearby new territory to expand into

They were in North Wales last summer, the reports in the local papers were in an uproar, saying pretty much what you said, but they have to pretend they are doing something or the general public (read: morons) get in a big huff.

Not sure about Brighton though, having never been within 100 miles of it, hehe.

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