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Get Ready for it Kids...
The BIG update... It's coming real soon... Subjects include:

My Java assignment
Recent discussions
Eminem concert
Who from AGGTA is now posting in AFAA in the hope of an Adjective ;o)
Guitar stuff
My state of being
Home life
Harry Potter
More stuff

I'll write it on Saturday. Expect an essay, kids :o)

Right, now I'm off to upload my Java stuff, and then come back and sleep :o)

UPDATE - The server is down. I came out at 5:30am, down to the computing labs, just to find out that the bloody server isn't there anyway. Not a happy bunny. If it's not back by noon tomorrow, this doesn't get submitted and I complain loudly.

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mm I'd post for an adjective if a/ I think you'd actually give me one and b/ If I could actually get at AFAA :o)

mmmmmmmm Java. Love the stuff.

I dunno if it's the same where you are (where are you? I must read people's bios at some point), but at my uni if you couldn't submit because of computer problems they'd give you an extension.

Something to do with the servers always being down I think ;-) Actually shouldn't complain, they had two of the top Unix gods in the country working there (all hail Mike Joy, for he be short and knowledgable, but he's pick-him-up-and-put-him-in-your-pocket small)

mmmmmmmm. Java:

Poverty, Dictators, Uprisings, Plague, Pestilence, Slums, Opression...


Who from AGGTA is now posting in AFAA in the hope of an Adjective ;o)

No one I know. 8-) Besides, I'm just trying to show I'm worthy FIRST, y'see ...

Your 'state of being', while we wait to hear all about it, is hopefully good? *hug*

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