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Disregard the babble
Okay, this is without looking at my notes... I need to learn these for my essay in the exam tomorrow, since I'll need to reference things...

If I want to talk about game theory, then I should make reference to the Hawk/Dove matrix (Evolutioary Genetics, JMS) and the Prisoner's Dilemma (Axelrod / Hamilton).

If I'm going to talk about effective population size Ne then I can reference Alexey Kondrashov's 100 Times Dead paper, along with Joel Peck's "Ruby in the Rubbish" paper

If we're talking group selection, then Craig's "Group Selection vs Individual Selection" paper would be relevant.

Synergistic Epistatis is obviously in 100 Times Dead

If I want to talk about how beneficial mutations can fix in sexual species faster, then this is the Fisher/Muller hypothesis. Furthermore, Ruby in the Rubbish goes further and explains how even a genome containing lots of deleterious mutations can contribute genetic material to future generations.

And finally, if I want to discuss how sexual species do better than mostly-sexual species, then I can reference Peck/Barreau/Heath, which has groovy graphs whose results apply here. A little sex isn't enough - you need 100% sex to reap the full benefits.

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Worrying - I have a good deal more than a vague idea of what you're going on about...

Let's just hope that I do too ;o)

Indeed. Although it is a little late now for hope, isn't it? How did it go?

Not bad - the program was (I hope) okay, the short answers weren't too bad, and the essay fitted the references I remembered nicely...

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