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Good lord, it's early
Good morning people and cretins (you know which category you fall into). It's 10:40am, and damn am I tired. David is just telling me about all sorts of hidden meanings in Fight Club, and I've sadly just missed Rey's daily advert for it. How many times Rey, I'm not interested. My life does not in any way parallel Tyler's... Now naff off've my doorstep :oP

Nobody is online, and I don't much expect them to be for a while.... Josephine, Mel and Becky are still on holiday, more's the pity, and everybody else is asleep. My books from Amazon still haven't come (but I did order them Thursday night, and one was a "We deliver this within 2-3 days" job). Naturally my parents will kill me for ordering them with their credit cards without them here, but I'll pay them back. My current excuse for borrowing money from them is "I'm working now - I can pay you back". So far it's not worked too well...

Anyhow, what's on today... Well David is going into Manchester to meet Julia, with any luck (but that may well not happen). I am going to sit here, in front of the computer screen, remembering what it's like not to have to go to work all day. Probably spending most of it talking to random people on MSN or something.... And yes, it's probably sad, but it's a good way to relieve the stress of spending 11 hours out of the house for work every weekday... So I think I'll get started on doing that