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Woo! I got an e-mail from Benny :o)

I should try to see him sometime in the next few months, but it'll be tricky, he seems to be a busy bunny. And it's been three years, which is weird :o)

Last maths exam is out of the way now... Answered a couple of questions... At one point, I had to show that all the non-zero elements of Z11 are associates, and so I had to draw out a 10x10 table and show which unit corresponded to each relationship. That took a bloody long time, but it was worth a few marks, and I couldn't think how to prove it for sure any other way.

So all I have left is the Biology on Friday morning. No more maths ever!

I'm feeling good :o)

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Ah, you know you love it really ;-)

Hmm, was just talking about you. Apparently you know a friend of a friend of mine...

Nikki: Radiohead own your tiny ass. says:
[17:25:04] Paul> jamie is on geers' friends list
[17:25:15] Paul> it's such a vile small world
Nikki: Radiohead own your tiny ass. says:
[17:35:35] Paul> i found his old website back in, like, 1997, and emailed him 'cause he was into some of the same stuff as me :)
Nikki: Radiohead own your tiny ass. says:
[17:35:51] Paul> i think andy is one of these strange holds-the-world-together-with-his-connections people

Scarily small... There's a girl called Martha who went to Paul's school (who I originally met on a Canal Cruise holiday), and she randomly turned up at my college ball back in December :-) Most disconcerting, really.

There's somebody else I know who knows you, though I can't think who it was...

And there's always Kit (whose diminutive nature makes this small world look a good deal bigger ;o)

Thingumy Bell who was in the year above me at school, maybe? James, was it?

Well yeah, there's James Bell too, but he doesn't count because you didn't really know him :o)

(Deleted comment)
And I'm the aforequoted/mentioned Paul. This is a big scary web of interconnectageisms, isn't it. It's all your fault, Andy.

I'm sorry everybody for knowing too many people :-) You started it, anyway - you're the one who visited my website in the first place. I guess it lends some credence to the whole six degrees theory, though I still find it hard to believe I'm that closely connected to remote tribes in the heart of the Amazon...

But what still hasn't been explained is how Nikki knows Jamie...?

Usenet.. more or less...

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