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The girl with eyes of black is going to kill your family
Last night I had what can only be described as a Horror Dream... It started off based on the Fresh Prince, and then I went on a nice bike ride around London with my cousin, and then we decided to ride down to Brighton from there, which was fair enough. Then things started to go horribly wrong, and I ended up in this mountain town where the sun never shines and a demon girl was killing everybody. It didn't improve from there.
[Wednesday: 00:46:01] <DMZ> "Bush set for Mid-East peace push" <--- why does a cliff face spring to mind?
[Wednesday: 00:47:00] <TMA> that's a radical idea. Take the whole lot and dump them in the sea. Whoever gets back to land first can keep it. The other drowns.
[Wednesday: 00:48:19] <DMZ> the very idea of America overseeing Mid-East peace talks is ridiculous
[Wednesday: 00:48:26] <DMZ> "Israel should have everything okthxbye"
Anyway, I'm now feeling thoroughly disturbed, so I'm going to get ready for uni, go collect vast amounts of money off people, then take my exam, then perhaps play some frisbee, then fuck off back here to revise Biology.

In four hours time, I won't ever have to do degree-level Maths again :o)


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