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Kill me now

I was actually enjoying that exam... Help!

But the exam was fairly straightforward - "State this proof, and then do simple arithmetic to show it applies in this case". Mmm, arithmetic. I think I may have actually passed it, despite the fact that I only spent two hours on the subject. I was planning to be up all night working on it, but then Claire showed me some really obvious and easy bits that I understood really well, and so I managed to get to bed on time. Must buy her a present after exams are done, as a thank you for all the help she's given me.

And shockingly I wasn't the first person to leave the exam. Wasn't even the second. I feel like I've let the side down (that being the waster/loser side). Still, at least I had a fun morning, and now I can sleep, before my exam tomorrow afternoon (2pm, Ring Theory). I have notes for it, so I can revise later too :o)


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